5 Most Populated Cities

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The feverish attempt to pursue wealth and gain access to resources has always seen people moving from one place to another within the same country or another country. This usually creates some problem, especially when amenities are in shortage. It usually made population to be too concentrated in some particular areas than others. Below are some of the most populated cities in the world at present.

1) Shanghai

As expected, China is sure to top the list for yet another year. If you thought that China is only great with its million dollars export business, then you are wrong. With a total of more than 22 million (22,050,000) living soul inhabiting, as of few months ago, Shanghai is sure going to be the most populous city in the world. The population density is about 3,800/km2, which is increasing rapidly over time, as it is a well-known foreign investment destination. It also attracts thousands of tourists; hence it’s been called “Paris of the East”.

2) Karachi

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, also known as “City of Lights” for its brilliant nightlife, is the second most populated city in the world in the world’s most populous region. It is home to all commercial activities in the country, be it banking, commerce or the economy. It has a huge population of over 23.5 million (23,500,000)

3) Beijing

One of the most of the populated cities of China. The capital of China is surely going to feature in the list. It’s by far the third most populous city in the world. With a population of 21.5 million (21,516,000), with a population density of 1,300 / km2, it is the center of education, culture, and politics of the country. Also known as “Beijing,” for a simplification of Beijing, has the second busiest airport in the world, Beijing Capital International Airport.

4) Tianjin – City of Tianjin

Taiján has a kind of two sides. One is urban area and the second is Binhai, which is a new urban area. Binhai is a fast growing part of Tianjin regarding the industrial, financial and economic activity. With a population density of about 1,300 km2, Tianjin is also popular in tourism. Its main places that are most visited by tourists are Five major avenues, an Italian-style city of Tianjin, Tianjin Zoo and People’s Park.

5) Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey is the most populous and largest city in Turkey. It is populated with 14.4 million (14,377,019) people. It is the heart of Istanbul’s history, culture, and economy. Istanbul is also unique because of its geographical location, as part of the city is on the European continent, and the other part is in the Middle East. This, and for many other reasons, Istanbul has a long and significant history. With a population density of 2,767 / km2, the population of Istanbul has increased tenfold since 1950. Also, it is known as European Capital of Culture for its tourist value.

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