Urbanibalism! The city from the perspective of ingestion.

Urbanibalism, the city from the perspective of ingestion is a community of like minded individuals that are united by a shared passion and commitment to the advance of ideas. Urbanibalism as an ideal explores the city as a complex site of digestions between humans, other life forms, and non-organic matter.

The population growth and its resultant expansion of housing and industry sectors in cities have alarm quite a good number of intellectuals, especially the conservationist. Of course, there is no perfect state of nature to defend. Cities are thriving ecosystems in themselves, a genuine ‘human cooperation in nature’. In fact, nature builds no idea of life.

The image of nature has continually been an artifact of human civilization,

The iron mask of its steps of evolution. Yet we are always unaware:

  • The image of nature is still the prognostication of our animal instincts and fears
  • On the encompassing environment.
  • Urbanibalism negates predictable binaries: namely, good horizontalism vs evil verticalism, molecular revolution vs. large capture devices.
  • Yet we are always unaware the image of nature is still the prognostication
  • Of our animal instincts and fears on the encompassing environment.
  • Any utopia of environment will always be— the territorial gesture of a form of life.
  • From the most ancient of times, from the Paleolithic to Neolithic times.

It is the town that produces agriculture. The community came up with the urbanibalism project in the early 2000s in Amsterdam and Berlin.  Ever since, the project has prompted numerous researches into the edibility of the city, forms of gustatory practice that asks how we as individuals can act together to positively parasite the city.

Our Campaign

At the forefront of the campaign against abandoning city life is the Urbanibalism Community. Urbanibalism sees the city as nature. The community urges to see the city as a spontaneous convivial.

We should never abandon an existing city for a virgin territory.” — Situations motto

Urbanibalism is the reality of the city as a natural source of food and form of life that grows autonomously from any planned ‘city ecology.’

Against superficial aesthetics such as food design and bio art, Urbanibalism explores the historical roots and the living matter from any culinary art. Urbanibalism is a new sensibility toward metropolitan nature, expanding upon the edibility of the city, the city as a spontaneous convivial.

We are quite aware of the complexity and difficulty inherent in this movement. Nevertheless, we are confident in our ability to stay focus and committed to the cause of propagating the ideal as best as possible.

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